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The Solin Process Is More Than Conversions

I never set out to find a process that would improve your ability to convert more prospects into clients.  Initially, my goal was to understand why my conversion rate was no higher than my peers.

I had some significant advantages over them.  My leads were much “warmer.”  I had written a number of investing books.  Readers would call and ask if I was “willing” to discuss managing their investments.

When I met with them, I marshaled all the facts, charts and graphs supporting evidence-based investing and “educated” the people sitting quietly in front of me.

In retrospect, it’s amazing that I converted anyone!

A better way

When I did the research, I was stunned.  There was no support for what I was doing.  Indeed, all the peer-reviewed studies indicated the opposite approach was likely to yield better results.

I tested my new approach for one year.  In that year, I generated over $100 million in new business.  In the previous five years or so, I had accumulated a total of $55 million.

That’s when I knew I had uncovered something special.

A bigger focus

The Solin Process℠ didn’t just improve my conversion rate.  It changed my life and it has changed the lives of hundreds of advisors just like you, in some unexpected ways.

Yes, when you follow my process you will improve your conversion rate.  But here’s what may be even more meaningful to you.

Doing so will improve your relationships with your family (especially your children), your friends and virtually everyone with whom you interact.

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