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Web design and marketing go hand in hand when it all comes to designing websites and later promoting business in marketing campaigns. A solid, well-executed web design acts as the centerpiece of your marketing initiatives and helps you reach your marketing goals.

Our approach to  website
design for financial advisors

The websites of most financial advisors are text dense and focus on demonstrating their technical expertise. But our research demonstrates that prospects don’t make a decision to hire an investment advisor based on an objective comparison of qualifications.

Their decision is emotional, not rational.

The websites created by our recommended design firms utilize ground-breaking research to make an emotional connection. They make extensive use of graphics and videos to create “likability.” They understand that when you are liked, you are trusted. When you are liked and trusted, you maximize the possibility of being hired.

Our websites create an emotional connection which encourages prospects to contact you and schedule a meeting.
Video Production
Our unique approach to video production

We produce very different types of videos and take care of all aspects of production and post-production. We source teams all over the world and have very specific requirements that ensure high production value.

We produce videos in conjunction with website designs or as independent projects.

Our innovative use of AI technology allows us to generate cost-effective short videos without any production team. We can even create a voice avatar for you, eliminating the need for you to narrate your videos.

Video production is one of the most effective tools financial advisors can use to engage key audiences and build brand identity. Video production enhances any digital marketing campaign and provides investment advisors a platform to communicate and engage with their customers.

Video Production Process

We do not use scripts. Instead, the video session is more like a conversation where Dan asks questions via Zoom and you respond. We then receive a transcript of the video and seamlessly piece together your responses.

Our clients tell us that the video session is an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

Their prospects report that they "felt like they knew them before they met them."

The result is a compelling, engaging video. Our videos create an emotional connection between investment advisors and their prospects.

Graphic Design for Financial Advisors

A great design is more than just your company's logo, font, page layout, or the visuals you use. It's the link that connects your brand to your audience.  It should make a positive and long-lasting impression.

We understand your business

Many graphic designers are skilled in their craft, but few understand your business. We do. Our years of experience with evidence-based advisors allows us to create compelling graphic design for every “touch point” with prospects and clients. We ensure your design has the intended impact.

Our graphic design services

We offer an extremely broad range of graphic design services to financial advisory firms. They include logos, stationary, brochures, newsletter templates, press releases and advertisements.

Our projects

With the permission of our client, Valiant Partners (an evidence-based advisory firm), we prepared the portfolio of mock-ups below. It shows the depth and sophistication of our graphic design work.

Content strategy

For financial advisors and estate planning lawyers content marketing can be an effective way to generate traffic to their website and reach potential clients. However, the content on the websites of many professionsals is text-dense and often too long.

We provide i a broad range of content including new content for websites, whitepapers, and blog posts.

Web content and design should convey warmth and relatability, in addition to your qualifications. Too much focus on your qualifications can make you come across as cold and impersonal.

Headed up by Dan Solin, we have a talented team of  writers. We can generate content ranging from a simple re-write of your site content to very sophisticated and highly technical whitepapers, blog posts, and video and webinar scripts.

Choosing the right content strategy

High-quality content increases your website's visibility online.

We have a talented team of financial writers that will recommend and implement a content strategy tailored to your unique requirements.

Our content strategy creation includes the following steps:
Identifying your target audience
Conducting keyword research
Conducting competitor research
Planning content for different customer journey stages
Content creation and management
Content publishing
Content distribution and sharing
Content Options
There are different types of content that can be used individually or together to increase online visibility and traffic generation to your website.  We create:
Blog posts
Press releases
White papers
Video scripts
Website content
Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important components of digital marketing. It helps businesses build brand awareness, outperform the competition, attract new customers, generate quality leads and increase conversion rates for your financial advisory firm.

Increase the Right Traffic to Your Website

“Are you able to help me get more traffic to my website?”

Why have a great website if few visit it?

Increasing traffic is fairly easy, but that won’t necessarily add value. You need a plan to drive the right traffic. That’s where Evidence Based Advisor Marketing comes in.

We help clients develop strategies that attract visitors who are interested in their services and are more likely to become clients than general audiences. The backbone of this effort is the content you create to attract that traffic. Few SEO vendors understand the financial services industry. They are unfamiliar with the regulatory/compliance issues governing content.

We have partnered with a world-class SEO vendor based in the U.S. Our writing team creates all content. Our deep knowledge of your business allows us to create high-quality, compliance-friendly, original content.

This combination is unique. And effective.

We help clients plan content that targets the right audience, using the right keywords, on the right channels.

Here's the bottom line: We don't take on SEO assignments unless the data indicates we can generate between 6-20 qualified leads a month (after 6-12 months), at a cost that will deliver a positive ROI.

Our SEO services include:
A complete SEO audit of your website
Competitor research to find out the closest competitors in search engines
Keyword research to find the most valuable, important keywords for your investment advisory and estate planning business
Website content optimization, based on competitor research and keyword research. Our SEO services include creating two original blogs each month and one creative infographic every other month
Website technical optimization
Link building and online PR services
Website SEO performance tracking and additional
Extensive, data-based monthly reporting
Public Relations – Reimagined

Most public relations firms charge a monthly retainer, ranging from $2500 to as high as $10,000. Many have minimum contracts that obligate you to six months or more. Few public relations firms understand your business, which makes drafting effective press releases and pitches for stories difficult and time-consuming. After studying these issues, we came up with a new approach, which we call “reinvented PR.” The databases used by PR firms are basically the same.  

The ones used most commonly are Prowly, Cision, Meltwater and Muck Rack. Since a sole PR practitioner has access to the same contacts as a huge (far more expensive) firm, we approached smaller firms. We proposed drafting the press releases and story pitches, saving the PR firm significant time. The role of the PR firm is limited to using their database and aggressively following up with those contacts (which is critically important).The PR firms discount their rate to us which permits us to offer you a one-month  media blitz at a very affordable cost. At the end of the month, you can terminate the relationship or continue with the service at a negotiated rate, based on the results of the media blitz. To date, our results have been impressive.  We are happy to share details. Traditional PR should be another arrow in your marketing quiver.

The web content of most advisors is text dense and often too long. Our research indicates web content and design should convey warmth and relatability, in addition to your qualifications. Too much focus on your qualifications can make you come across as cold and impersonal.

Pay Per Click Advertising for Investment Advisors

PPC is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads .Ensure your brand presence and generate quality leads for your evidence-based advisory business with well-structured and executed PPC advertising. There are different types of PPC ads.

Financial Advisor Advertising Models

1. Search Ads -appear on search result pages as text ads. They show up to potential customers already interested in your brand, service, or product online. Search ads are perfect for short sales cycles or one-off campaign promotions.

2. Display Ads -appear on Google’s partner sites and target people who have visited other financial advisors’ websites. Display advertising is known for its efficiency, as it reaches a large number of online users.

3. Social ads - appear on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. They reach potential customers based on their interests, network, and lifestyle. Social ads are suitable for brands with an active social media presence.

4. Remarketing Ads - remind people who have previously visited your website to return. Remarketing is relatively cheaper because of lower competition and highly targeted customer audiences.

5. Google Shopping Ads -show in a carousel above or next to the main Google search results and allow searchers to see your financial services ads and prices on Google’s search results page (SERP). This type of ad is recommended for eCommerce businesses that want to reach a certain group of customers with specific purchase goals.

6. YouTube ads are PPC ads-that appear on YouTube search results, YouTube videos and video partners on Display Network.

7. Mail sponsored promotions allow you to reach interested leads directly in their inbox.

8. Local services ads are an advertising model that allows you to pay only for generated leads.

PPC Ads selection process

PPC Advertising is a very efficient tool for financial advisors to reach their target audience. We consult with our clients to choose the right option based on their specific needs and budget.

WordPress Website Hosting & Management, Made Simple
What do i need to maintain?

Website maintenance involves daily, weekly, monthly and ongoing tasks.  Here are the primary items you need to be concerned about.

Database and file backups. Daily offsite back-ups of your website are absolutely critical in order to preserve site information in the event of a website crash or hack. While your hosting company may create backups for you, you should also create backups in an independent location.

WordPress core updates. WordPress frequently issues software updates to improve performance and prevent security vulnerabilities. These updates need to be promptly installed to protect your website.

Plugin updates. You need to install plugin updates as soon as they are released. Doing so will increase functionality and the security of your website. If you add a new plugin, only install plugins listed by WordPress.

Security monitoring. A good security plugin will alert you to potential problems. You will want to respond quickly to any alert

What are my options for maintenance?

There are a few approaches to site maintenance.

WordPress core updates. WordPress frequently issues software updates to improve performance and prevent security vulnerabilities. These updates need to be promptly installed to protect your website.

Do it yourself. Log into your WordPress dashboard on a weekly basis to check for required updates. Set up an offsite backup process. Monitor each page of your site to spot any problems..

Hire a vendor to do it for you. We can suggest WordPress maintenance agencies for you to work with.

Hire us to do it for you. Many of our clients don’t have the administrative staff or the inclination to deal with these tasks. For those clients, we offer a comprehensive, cost-effective

Benefits of Outsourcing to Us

Our Website Care Plan is for clients who want to outsource their website hosting and maintenance issues so they can focus on running their business and generating more AUM. Here are the benefits of outsourcing your website hosting and maintenance issues to us rather than contracting directly with WP Engine:

We set up and maintain your site.
We will also communicate directly with your host, WPEngine, should anything go wrong on your site and restore the site to a backed up version to minimize any downtime.
We monitor your site security and keep your website theme, plugins, and files up-to-date.
We provide simple site edits at your request, using your copy and images. You don’t have to learn the editor system to make changes yourself.
our team
Dan Solin -President
Susan Hayse -Technical Support

The cost of our plan is $200 per month.

We are an agency partner of WP Engine.  Our clients who use WP Engine for hosting their site pay no more for its service than if they contracted directly with WP Engine. Our plan cost includes your monthly hosting charge with WP Engine, but does not include fees for domain registration or premium plugin renewal fees.

If you have any issues relating to your website that aren’t covered by our Plan, just contact our team. We will quote a fee for resolving them.

For further information, please contact:
Dan Solin
(239) 949-1606