Ten Headlines You’ll Never See in the Financial Media

Dan Solin’s Newsletter, March 23, 2017

It would be great if the financial media conveyed useful information to investors.  If it did, you’d see headlines like these:

  1. Our advertisers pay us to provide “news” that enriches their bottom line at the expense of yours.
  2. Our “experts” are no more accurate in their predictions than the flip of a coin.
  3. It would be more accurate to call “predictions” by our experts “random guesses.”
  4. We don’t have a clue where the market is headed and neither does anyone else.
  5. When you trade, it’s likely an institution is on the other side.  We don’t like your chances.
  6. It makes no sense to buy individual stocks.
  7. Even if it did, we have no way to identify stocks likely to outperform in the future.
  8. Overweighting your portfolio in gold is dumb, no matter how frightened you are.
  9. If bouncing in and out of the market made sense, professional managers would not have such a terrible track record.
  10. You’d be better off not watching or reading us.


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