10 Perils of “Presenting”

When you are trying to convert a prospect into a client, it’s only natural to feel the burden of “making the case” for your service or product.  But what if you accepted the following, which is supported by significant research?

1.  “Selling” is more akin to “dating” than you might think;

2.  Data without an emotional connection is unlikely to be retained;

3. The likelihood of making a sale would be increased if you focused on making an emotional connection, rather than discussing your product or service;

4. You are more likely to make an emotional connection by asking questions, rather than “presenting”;

5.  If you are stating something your prospect doesn’t agree with, the more you marshal the facts for “your side”, the less likely it is you’ll make the sale;

6.  Your chances of making a sale decrease with the use of presentation aids like PowerPoint, whiteboards and flip charts;

7.  When you are talking, it’s unlikely the prospect is listening;

8.  When you are listening — really listening — the level of engagement increases exponentially;

9.  Your “presentation skills” are more a barrier than a conduit to a sale.

10.  There’s one easy way you can make your prospect feel great, but the chances are you have no clue what it is.

More details to come in future posts.  Stay tuned.

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