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We provide coaching and digital marketing services exclusively to evidence-based investment advisors.

Our coaching services are provided by Solin Strategic, LLC

Our digital marketing services are provided by Evidence Based Advisor Marketing, LLC.


The Solin Process℠ Has Changed Marketing For Advisors

What is The Solin Process? The essence of The Solin Process℠ is to stop lecturing, educating and presenting. Your goal is not to dominate the conversation by demonstrating your superior expertise. It’s to make an emotional connection.

It’s easy to do when the conversation is bilateral. But how do you make this connection with your website?

Evidence Based Advisor Marketing

At Solin Strategic, we can help you convert prospects into clients. Our coaching is evidence-based (just like your investment philosophy)

Who is Dan?

Sales coach, marketing advisor, best-selling author.

Dan Solin is the New York Times bestselling author of the Smartest series of investing book, The Smartest Sales Book You’ll Ever Read and Ask: How to Relate to Anyone. He blogs weekly for Advisor Perspectives, where he has a large following.

A former securities attorney, Dan graduated from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Dan is the founder and President of Solin Strategic, LLC and Evidence Based Advisor Marketing, LLC.

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