Solin Strategic Coaching Testimonials

“Dan, your insight and coaching before our initial introduction to a significant prospect was great value. You shifted our focus from wanting to tell our story to engaging the prospect by drawing out his story. Just as you coached, “trust neuroscience”, it’s where trust is established.”

“I’ve been working on using the Solin Process, both in client meetings and in my personal life. I think it has made a difference in how I interact with others and how they feel about me. And this is true not only with new prospects, but also with existing clients. This way is much better than my previous method of “throw everything at them and hope something sticks.”

“So far, the ’Solin Process” is working quite well for me. Thank you.”

“Simply wanted to share some early success utilizing the “Solin Process.” I have only had two qualified meetings so far. 1 of the 2 has decided to move forward. The other couple told me in the meeting he was inclined to move forward. I am waiting to hear back from him and his wife. I’ll let you know if I convert this one. These can take time.”

I believe the most significant change in our interactions with clients, prospective clients, and centers of influence has been our practice of engaging others in conversation, reflecting lessons learned from your coaching. Our conversations demonstrate our genuine interest in knowing others and looking for ways to serve. As you mentioned, neuroscience teaches us that when others are talking about themselves, they are much more engaged in the conversation and will assess our expertise based on the questions we ask. The conversational approach we are using today is much different from our past method of talking about our expertise and past accomplishments. The changes brought about by your coaching have transformed both my personal and business relationships.

I wanted to express my gratitude for your coaching….The coaching you provided helped us communicate more effectively with prospects which has enabled us more opportunities to positively impact clients and their families. Thank you. Your influence is still present in our daily conversations.