Video production is one of the most effective tools financial advisors can use to engage their key audiences and build brand identity. With creative, engaging visuals, video production enhances any digital marketing campaign and provides investment advisors a platform to communicate and engage with their customers.

Our unique approach to video production

Under the direction of Dan Solin, we produce very different types of videos and take care of all aspects of production and post-production. We source teams all over the world and have very specific requirements that ensure high production value. 

We produce videos in conjunction with website designs or as independent projects.

Video Production Process

We do not use scripts. Instead, the video session is more like a conversation where Dan asks questions via Zoom and you respond. We then receive a transcript of the video and seamlessly piece together your responses. 

Our clients tell us that the video session is an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

Their clients tell them that they “felt like they knew them before they met them.”

The result is a compelling, engaging video. Our videos create an emotional connection between the investment advisors and their prospects.  

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