Solin Strategic Coaching Testimonials

Working with Dan has increased my assets under management, helped me create stronger relationships with clients and prospective clients and vastly reduce the amount of wasted time and effort I used to spend preparing plans and reports for people who never became clients.  Dan’s process is not only effective in gaining new clients, it is great for the client because they share what truly matters to them and allows me to do a better job helping them.  

I just had a prospect meeting, I asked lots of questions, didn’t say anything about my background, and I was hired.

I recently experienced this with a new client that was very worried about the financial impact of the COVID-19 virus.  He sent me a panicked email and using Dan’s suggestions for client engagement, we had a very productive conversation.  He sent me a thank you email that closed with “Thank you for helping us regain our sense of control.  We feel much more confident about our financial situation.”  

I have been an advisor for 30 years and have not come across any service or coaching that has had even close to the positive impact that Dan has had on my practice.  He is the best!

The business had our best growth year this past 2019 (than it’s had since early ‘90s). We used the power of active listening, and many of your helpful tools and questions. Recently my close ratio has skyrocketed.

*Thank You Dan* for helping me frame this initial meeting in the exact right way!!  I know you had a substantial impact on how well the meeting went, and I’m confident our newly established coaching relationship will continue to provide me with the guidance I need to help this client as well as many others in the future.

I just had a prospect meeting. I asked lots of questions, didn’t say anything about my background, and I was hired.

Dan, I saw you speak at a Dimensional Conference a couple of years ago. Everything you said with respect to prospecting new clientele has proven to be spot on.

Your marketing outlook, really your insight into human behavior and the Solin Process, have made a major impact on our firm. You’ve permanently changed our strategy for prospect/client (and some personal) relationships for the better.

I had a phone call yesterday from a client. I was consciously aware of engaging him early by asking questions. Call lasted approximately 20 mins. 19+ minutes on golf etc. – about 30 seconds on the client saying to me ‘to whom should I make the check payable to again?’ Apparently the oxytocin was flooding the frontal cortex. Client sent a check that we received today.

I would highly recommend Dan to any advisors who seriously consider themselves to be Evidence-Based. His process and techniques are based on the same research standard we use to design investment portfolios. It’s straightforward and sometimes counterintuitive, but they work. His track record with the advisors I respect in this industry is second to none.
– Chris Stooksbury

Life and business are very good. Our first quarter was our best yet. Our new approach (thanks to you) has paid huge dividends. The results have been tremendous. It feels a little strange in that we have often had new clients sign up after one or two meetings. Sometimes there was not even any discussion around how we were managing the money. These does lead to some confusion amongst the team as to what they are supposed to do once the money comes over. It is a pleasant problem to have.

I am certain that your approach will help us be a better and more successful firm, and provide higher quality service for our clients and prospects. Dan, you have helped us be better, and more human, advisers and for that we are very thankful!

Just had another prospect meeting that I wanted to share… Halfway through during a short break when I was with the wife alone, she commented on how she had never seen her husband open up so much in a meeting, especially to someone he had never met before. I smiled and thought of you.

Dan has provided a thoughtful and organized approach for conducting the initial prospect meeting, which is focused solely on the emotional needs of the prospect for that particular moment in time. Dan’s methods are based on his extensive research in the areas of both psychology and sales.

I am doing great. Business is moving. Thanks for changing the process.

Thank you for your insight and your wisdom. I am blessed to have crossed your path!

Just landed a good new client after the 2nd meeting. Never had a chance to even discuss our investment strategy. We are very pleased with the results to date.

Met a referral …. yesterday – he said we were TOTALLY different from the other advisors he met. We were interested in him more than our product. And of course I went to [the meeting] with not a scrap of paper, no pen, no PowerPoint, no nothing.

Just an update on our prospecting. Since our first discussion late last year, we have had 14 prospects referred to us. Of those, 11 have closed to become clients, 1 is delayed…and 3 still have their preliminary meeting to complete. Unbelievable results.

I have consistently coached fellow FAs on the value of curiosity, and asking great questions during discovery. I look forward to your weekly articles and your future coaching sessions!!!

Dan Solin’s coaching techniques offer the advisor fundamentals of human behavior. He offers insight of what specifically to do and what not to do with research to prove it. I personally find his works and teachings invaluable to help understand the mechanics of sound client relationship building skills.

We just closed a case on the 2nd meeting, no presentation at all, just a conversation. We will keep doing what you have taught us and get better as we go.

Dan provided a whole process of how to go about creating an emotional connection with prospective clients. It is information I wish I’d had 20 years ago.

There are a few observations that I find interesting. Up to now, I still have not shown them how we manage wealth or any details on our planning process and yet they are all ready to open accounts. Also, they have never asked me a question about who I am, my experience, education, how long I have been managing wealth, who the team is, nothing!

Your advice is simple and effective.

Discovering your process–which is genuine, honest and about deep, authentic connection–has completely turned my business around. It is deceptively simple as it requires real mindfulness to just shut up and focus on the clients and their story. But with practice, it is transformative.

I decided to try your approach… I’ve gotta say it really worked.  I found out some of the most personal information about [the prospect].  [The prospect] agreed to commence an ongoing relationship with me.  I know you would have wanted to know how it went and I really appreciate your encouragement. I’ll be continuing with this approach from now.

I have begun implementing your advice of not taking notes and letting the client lead the conversation. The results have been tremendous.

The conversations we’re having with prospective clients are as you suggested – no notebooks, no predetermined questions, or agenda. I have found myself listening not to think of the next question, but genuinely wanting to understand. In fact, one prospect said to me, she felt as though she was talking to a psychologist, to which I replied “a financial psychologist” – she found it amusing. In the end, when I asked her how she would like to proceed, she said “I presume you’ll send me a scope of work and fee summary.”

We had a big prospect meeting today. My colleague and I met at the coffee shop beforehand to go over the game plan. He said “simple..we are going to ‘Dan Solin’ them…” Did not even get to “how would you like to proceed.” They slid the account statements and trust docs across the table and asked when our next meeting would be. Thought that would put a smile on your face.

[Name of advisor] had a client review meeting where he used your techniques. He was amazed at how an hour flew by with the client talking about what was on her mind (not much to do with investing).

When she was done he asked if she wanted to see all of his charts and graphs and she said no. And that she really enjoyed their “review.”

In both cases, they skipped the pitch book in lieu of asking thoughtful questions.  Since this was the first meeting with the prospects, they didn’t expect it to lead to the closing opportunity, but it did.  The advisor was really surprised that one prospect didn’t even ask about the investments or the advisory fees she would be charged.  She was ready to sign up.

I used your techniques with another prospect and they did become a client.

I used the tactics we discussed in a committee meeting this morning and was blown away by the level of engagement. Your research is a true difference maker.

Your thesis and presentation are fantastic!

Your presentation was fantastic.

Thought of you yesterday during a discovery meeting where we did almost no talking and used no slides with an incredibly strong connection. Their light was on.

I can’t thank you enough for the time and value you have provided us.

First Solin Process client!  No financial plan, no proposal, just answered all his questions.  Thanks.  Much more enjoyable process.

We had another great visit, with a Dan Solin approach.

Just wanted to share some feedback of how my implementation of your method has gone… I don’t have to stress about what I’m going to say, what material/information I’m going to present, or whether or not I “check all the boxes.” I can enter the meeting totally focused on them and what they want/need. Turning the focus away from me and onto them is great.

I’ve been practicing on my kids and notice it’s a richer/deeper discussion that feels better for me too.

Thanks again. You made a difference with our group, and to me, you have impacted me and I believe both not only my business future, but also my personal life.

We continue to have good discussion among our advisers with your philosophy of engagement and I see results and confidence. We now joke, we’re not going to sell them we’re going to Solin them.

We had a “Solin meeting” yesterday and this morning they sent an email letting me know they would like to transfer all of their accounts to me. I have never in my career had a one call close on an account anywhere near that size.

I’m putting the Solin Method to good use with all of my relationships and it works.

I’ve read your book and I think you are doing really great things. It has changed the way our company looks at acquiring new clients.

Your system and book got us our first $3M client.

The staff feels the sessions were great and have given them more confidence going forward which is exactly what we were looking for.

I make a point to listen to your sessions, whenever we’re at the same conference. Your talks are always my favorite!

We had between 100-125 people there.  Lots of interaction.  You gave the example about the group afraid to talk at first so I took that concept and started making them talk.  It worked! So much interaction. So many people came up to me … obviously saying how much they enjoyed it. I must tell you even 3 days after people are coming up to me! … So many positives! Thank you so much Dan!

Just wanted to say that I tried the new techniques on a first meeting this morning and it worked! No pen, no pad, great questions and the perfect outcome. Next meeting booked in and a very engaged prospect.

Tried to follow your process as best I could – asking questions etc. The clients agreed to meet again to go through our process. Ten minutes after the meeting, the clients rang me back from their car and said that they didn’t want to wait another 2 weeks till after their holiday to meet, they wanted to see me next week! Couldn’t believe it! I saw them this week and I’ve booked them in for their planning meeting in a couple of weeks’ time.

Hired yesterday to directly manage/oversee the entire structure for the client/prospect you coached us through.

Business has been good with the combination of our “events” and the use of your philosophy and methods of engaging prospects.

This is brilliant in the way that you have taught me in a very short time, how to be others focused and ask questions.  Thank you very much!

I am living with a family and I’ve been thinking about your book , and actually have been using these approaches with the young boy (4 years old) who is extremely shy. He truly gravitates towards me as I keep asking him genuine questions about what he likes to do, and his favorite things. It’s wild!

From our conversations last year, our discovery meetings with prospective clients is not recorded and no draft of notes on a white board. Strangely enough, I am remembering the same information for my dictation after the meeting, but much more engaged in what they are truly saying and how they are saying it. Most important, the couple I am visiting with feels heard and validated.

I wanted to express my gratitude for your coaching….The coaching you provided helped us communicate more effectively with prospects which has enabled us more opportunities to positively impact clients and their families. Thank you. Your influence is still present in our daily conversations.

I believe the most significant change in our interactions with clients, prospective clients, and centers of influence has been our practice of engaging others in conversation, reflecting lessons learned from your coaching. Our conversations demonstrate our genuine interest in knowing others and looking for ways to serve. As you mentioned, neuroscience teaches us that when others are talking about themselves, they are much more engaged in the conversation and will assess our expertise based on the questions we ask. The conversational approach we are using today is much different from our past method of talking about our expertise and past accomplishments. The changes brought about by your coaching have transformed both my personal and business relationships.

solin room

PWL Capital’s Ottawa office recently moved into new offices. It named one of its conference rooms “The Solin Room” in recognition of the contributions Dan’s coaching made to the stunning growth of this office.

Q: Who has had the biggest impact on your professional development, and why?

A: “Dan Solin. He completely changed how we operate with clients, with his evidence-based approach on human interaction.” – Cameron Passmore, PWL Capital.

Source: Advice Reinvented

Participant feedback from two sessions conducted by Dan before an audience of evidence-based advisors:

  • Very helpful tools. Well experienced. Good resources offered.
  • Perfect!
  • Great learnings!
  • Thought-provoking – will try
  • I like the psychology index in client decision making
  • Interesting
  • Great content! Can only be useful if I implement it!
  • Great stuff
  • Dan was excellent
  • Very provocative to challenge our thinking
  • Thought-provoking sessions – worth every minute
  • Fantastic – very thought provoking
  • Best talk of the day
  • Excellent
  • Beneficial
  • Like Q&A format
  • Great!
  • Great stuff
  • Great passion and really thought provoking
  • Excellent

Feedback from the sponsor of Dan’s talk:

This was the top scoring conference session.

You received a score of 100% on the survey I sent out!  People found tremendous value in the discussions.

Dan, you were the star of the offsite!


Dan at a 2019 Dimensional Fund Advisors workshop in Seattle.
Dan at a 2019 Dimensional Fund Advisors workshop in Seattle.

I was thrilled to conduct two workshops in Seattle sponsored by Dimensional Fund Advisors.  You could throw a dart into this room and you’d be fortunate to have any one of the participants as your wealth advisor. – Dan

Dan Solin at the 2018 SMART Conference in Norfolk, Nebraska
Dan at the 2018 SMART Conference in Norfolk, Nebraska

A great pleasure to present to attendees in Norfolk, Nebraska at the SMART Conference 2018, sponsored by McMill CPAs & Advisors. A special thanks to Jared Faltys of McMill, who invited me, and Justin Yost of Dimensional, who co-presented with me. – Dan Solin via LinkedIn

Comments from Dan’s presentation at Smart Retirement Conference 2018 in Norfolk, NE on May 31, 2018

  • We agreed in our post-conference meeting that you were a wonderful speaker to have and your topic worked well at our conference. Again, thank you!
  • Dan Solin was great; we are going to make changes to our process because of his advice
  • Dan Solin’s talks were really interesting, very engaging speaker
  • Solin was great

From a session Dan conducted by videoconference to a group of Canadian advisors on June 6, 2018

Everyone raved about your session. It was extremely useful.

From the annual conference of Capital Directions, held June 6, 2018, at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C.

Capital Directions 2018 Annual Conference
Capital Directions 2018 Annual Conference

My thanks to Dennis Covington of Capital Directions for inviting me (and co-presenting with me) to address the annual conference of Capital Directions, held June 6, 2018, at the magnificent Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C.

Thank you for everything. Your session was a big hit and if we all implement what you taught us our growth will accelerate.

Comments from attendees at Dan’s 3-hour workshops, February 2019 (details upon request)

“An absolute pleasure working with you.” 

“I was so excited, it kept me awake the night following your presentation.” 

“Definitely, time well spent learning from someone that has had success and is looking to teach others. I think Dan has great ideas; some new and some reinforcing.”

“A lot of really good, useful information.”

“Dan was delightful. Thank you for continuing to put such experts in front of us. He is clearly a pro…”

“More of clients/prospects talking and less of us talking is a road worth exploring. “

“I really enjoyed the workshop. Dan is a very polished professional presenter and I really enjoyed the presentation. I thought Dan was great.”