Public Relations – Reimagined

Most public relations firms charge a monthly retainer, ranging from $2500 to as high as $10,000. Many have minimum contracts that obligate you to six months or more.

Few public relations firms understand your business, which makes drafting effective press releases and pitches for stories difficult and time-consuming.

After studying these issues, we came up with a new approach, which we call “reinvented PR.”

The databases used by PR firms are basically the same.  The ones used most commonly are Prowly, Cision, Meltwater and Muck Rack. 

Since a sole PR practitioner has access to the same contacts as a huge (far more expensive) firm, we approached smaller firms. We proposed drafting the press releases and story pitches, saving the PR firm significant time.

The role of the PR firm is limited to using their database and aggressively following up with those contacts (which is critically important).

The PR firms discount their rate to us which permits us to offer you a one-month  media blitz at a very affordable cost. At the end of the month, you can terminate the relationship or continue with the service at a negotiated rate, based on the results of the media blitz.

To date, our results have been impressive.  We are happy to share details.

Traditional PR should be another arrow in your marketing quiver.

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