Solin Strategic Coaching Testimonials

Hired yesterday to directly manage/oversee the entire structure for the client/prospect you coached us through.

Tried to follow your process as best I could – asking questions etc. The clients agreed to meet again to go through our process. Ten minutes after the meeting, the clients rang me back from their car and said that they didn’t want to wait another 2 weeks till after their holiday to meet, they wanted to see me next week! Couldn’t believe it! I saw them this week and I’ve booked them in for their planning meeting in a couple of weeks’ time.

Just wanted to say that I tried the new techniques on a first meeting this morning and it worked! No pen, no pad, great questions and the perfect outcome. Next meeting booked in and a very engaged prospect.

We had between 100-125 people there.  Lots of interaction.  You gave the example about the group afraid to talk at first so I took that concept and started making them talk.  It worked! So much interaction. So many people came up to me … obviously saying how much they enjoyed it. I must tell you even 3 days after people are coming up to me! … So many positives! Thank you so much Dan!

I make a point to listen to your sessions, whenever we’re at the same conference. Your talks are always my favorite!

The staff feels the sessions were great and have given them more confidence going forward which is exactly what we were looking for.