Solin Strategic Coaching Testimonials

From our conversations last year, our discovery meetings with prospective clients is not recorded and no draft of notes on a white board. Strangely enough, I am remembering the same information for my dictation after the meeting, but much more engaged in what they are truly saying and how they are saying it. Most important, the couple I am visiting with feels heard and validated.

I am living with a family and I’ve been thinking about your book , and actually have been using these approaches with the young boy (4 years old) who is extremely shy. He truly gravitates towards me as I keep asking him genuine questions about what he likes to do, and his favorite things. It’s wild!

This is brilliant in the way that you have taught me in a very short time, how to be others focused and ask questions.  Thank you very much!

Business has been good with the combination of our “events” and the use of your philosophy and methods of engaging prospects.

Hired yesterday to directly manage/oversee the entire structure for the client/prospect you coached us through.

Tried to follow your process as best I could – asking questions etc. The clients agreed to meet again to go through our process. Ten minutes after the meeting, the clients rang me back from their car and said that they didn’t want to wait another 2 weeks till after their holiday to meet, they wanted to see me next week! Couldn’t believe it! I saw them this week and I’ve booked them in for their planning meeting in a couple of weeks’ time.