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Our clients often tell us they don’t have the time or interest to maintain their WordPress website.

We understand.

WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is a great platform, but it’s not “set it and forget it.”

Without regular maintenance, your website could experience plugins that no longer work or long page-load times, which can frustrate visitors. Outdated plugins and software pose a threat to the security of your website, making it vulnerable to hackers.

Maintenance Basics & Solutions

Website maintenance involves daily, weekly, monthly and ongoing tasks.  Here are the primary items you need to be concerned about.

  • Database and file backups. Daily offsite back-ups of your website are absolutely critical in order to preserve site information in the event of a website crash or hack. While your hosting company may create backups for you, you should also create backups in an independent location.
  • WordPress core updates. WordPress frequently issues software updates to improve performance and prevent security vulnerabilities. These updates need to be promptly installed to protect your website.
  • Plugin updates. You need to install plugin updates as soon as they are released. Doing so will increase functionality and the security of your website. If you add a new plugin, only install plugins listed by WordPress.
  • Security monitoring. A good security plugin will alert you to potential problems. You will want to respond quickly to any alert.

There are a few approaches to site maintenance.

  • Do it yourself. Log into your WordPress dashboard on a weekly basis to check for required updates. Set up an offsite backup process. Monitor each page of your site to spot any problems.
  • Hire a vendor to do it for you. We can suggest WordPress maintenance agencies for you to work with.
  • Hire us to do it for you. Many of our clients don’t have the administrative staff or the inclination to deal with these tasks. For those clients, we offer a comprehensive, cost-effective Website Care Plan.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Us

Our Website Care Plan is for clients who want to outsource their website hosting and maintenance issues so they can focus on running their business and generating more AUM. 

Here are the benefits of outsourcing your website hosting and maintenance issues to us rather than contracting directly with WP Engine: 

  • We set up and maintain your site. 
  • We monitor your site security and keep your website theme, plugins, and files up-to-date. 
  • We provide simple site edits at your request, using your copy and images. You don’t have to learn the editor system to make changes yourself. 
  • We will also communicate directly with your host, WPEngine, should anything go wrong on your site and restore the site to a backed up version to minimize any downtime.

Plan Pricing

The cost of our plan is $200 per month.

We are an agency partner of WP Engine.  Our clients who use WP Engine for hosting their site pay no more for its service than if they contracted directly with WP Engine. Our plan cost includes your monthly hosting charge with WP Engine, but does not include fees for domain registration or premium plugin renewal fees.

If you have any issues relating to your website that aren’t covered by our Plan, just contact our team.  We will quote a fee for resolving them.

For further information, please contact:

Dan Solin
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(239) 949-1606

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Dan Solin


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