Don’t Be Interesting

Do you believe you should be charming, engaging and, above all, interesting?

Read on.

Interesting people are highly touted by Madison Avenue.  Remember the famous advertising campaign for Dos Equis beer?  It features “the most interesting man in the world.”  He was a suave, bearded man who uttered enigmatic phrases like, Stay thirsty, my friends.

A shift in focus

A central underpinning of the Solin Process℠ is this principle:  Shift your focus from being the most interesting person to becoming the most interested one.

Whenever I speak to advisors, I ask them to raise their hand if they’ve had this experience:  They said something they thought was really interesting and the other person said, Tell me more about that.  It’s rare when a hand goes up.

We’re so busy composing what we’re going to say that we pay only marginal attention to what’s being said.

When you put aside your agenda, and really listen to others, something transformational occurs.

Don’t believe me?  I’ve taught this process to hundreds of advisors world-wide.  You can read how it worked for them here.

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